The decision taken by Federation of western India Cine employees to keep Second Sunday of every month as a “Rest Day” for Cine artists & crew members is welcomed by all corners of TV & film industry. Most of the time in the process of keeping commitments in a tight schedule, artists or crew members work under stressful environment and ultimately get after effects of long term health issues. No proper minimum sound sleep, improper eating time n habits, stressful schedules lead to these issues. Recently I came across an example of one Artist collapsing on stage in between the performance due to overexertion of work load. Another one got viral attack during shooting and there by cancelling the shoot for 15 days. In today’s life we should take care of our health first. Artist, crew members always keep in mind…Audience enjoys performance, but to perform well…first your health should do well…Jaan hai to Jahan hai!!

On the decision of FOWICE, Actor Anshuman Vichare has come up with a suggestion to limit daily work hrs from 9 to 9. No work after 9 pm n before 9 am. According to him Sound Sleep is a mantra to good health. Unlike TV serial which is continuous process, usually film shoot schedule don’t go beyond 30-40 days so the “One Sunday Break” factor really doesn’t work for films. So keeping in mind the small screen industry 9 to 9 concept should be made universal for any project.

In totality the decision of FOWICE is theoretically appreciated by all…but the main part is how effectively it will be accepted & implemented practically!! The past history shows that some respective personalities in the Industry concerned about this cause, themselves are not following the norms in their own projects!!!

Is Marathi Chitrapat Mahamandal also thinking on similar lines to implement their long back taken decisions???

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